Liberty Corner Enterprises Inc. embraces the vision that individuals of all ages and abilities have the supports needed to enjoy the rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness and the opportunity to have a good life in their Community.    

Having a Good Life means different things to different people.  A Good Life includes joy and happiness, health and safety, hopes and dreams, meaningful personal/community activities, intimate relationships with family, friends and significant others, having a home, having a real job, having control over how ones money is spent, and having the ability to contribute to family and community.

 We believe that a Good Life is best led by the voice of the individuals, and that their choices and ideas are respected and followed using Person Centered Principles.

Our Vision: The Next Ten Years

Adopted on March 30, 2007

In the year 2017, as we celebrate our thirtieth anniversary, Liberty Corner Enterprises Inc., will be sharing our strengths, our skills, and our gifts with the greater community.

We will raise expectations of our support to people by seeking out knowledge that will increase our ideas of what is possible for ALL PEOPLE.

We will encourage one another to pursue our dreams.

We will learn to recognize the realities of prejudice and discrimination and work to overcome their effects.

We will invest in others who can and do make a positive difference.

We will practice–together and individually–clearing away fear, anger, and hopelessness, which block our ability to understand.

We will continue to learn to engage people using compassion, confidence, care, and respect.

We will look for ways to increase opportunities for ALL PEOPLE.

We will be regulars in local places, a part of the fabric of our community.

We will support local government, businesses, and associations.

We will encourage people to say what is important to them, ask for what they really want, and follow their lead as much as possible.

We will help nurture relationships, encourage friendships, and celebrate reciprocity.

We will support family reconciliation by actively assisting people to stay in touch with important others.

We will walk beside each other as we find our way in life, for we are one.